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COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

DanTheMan (617 posts) • 0

@bubblyian. That is inaccurate. The notice you linked to does not change any of the policies about which Americans can and can't travel to China. It is simply clarifying that a failed antibody test can be disregarded if you submit proof of a recent vaccination with Pfizer, Moderna or J&J vaccine.

Mario007 (33 posts) • +2

Any news on this in Kunming? When Shanghai and Beijing started to offer vaccines to foreigners it was easy to overlook Kunming not doing the same, but now cities like Zhengzhou with an expat community about the same as Kunming are giving vaccines for foreigners and there seems to be no word at all from Kunming government.

AlPage48 (1331 posts) • +1

My wife went for her shot on Saturday at Yan'an Hospital. While there she asked about shots for foreigners.

They have heard nothing.

Many of those cities that are doing foreigners still have it restricted to those who are under age 60, which does nothing for us seniors.

lemon lover (969 posts) • +1

Went for Covid vaccination today. It starts with a registration and questions about health such as allergy for previous vaccines. As well they question the last time you had alcohol. No drinking three days before and after the vaccination. Then they take your blood pressure. If too high no vaccination. Age does not seem to be a restriction.

Next stage is scanning your data into a registration APP. And here it stopped for me as foreigner because they cannot enter you in the system. No registration no vaccine.

My partner went all the way got her shot and within 25 minutes we were done. Officially you are supposed to hang around for half an hour to see if you develop any adverse reactions. Hardly anybody does.

The Chef de Clinique explained that foreigners can only be vaccinated in some coastal cities for now. This also I know foreigners got vaccinated in Kunming but this because they are teachers.

Mario007 (33 posts) • +1

That's disappointing that the Kunming government still haven't allowed foreigners to take the vaccines. There's tons of foreigners living in the Yunnan province so really disappointing all around. It's not even just the coastal cities that do foreigner vaccinations, I have a friend in third tier city in Zhengzhou and he got his shot like a month ago

ricsnapricsnap (192 posts) • 0

Certainly so, and a hint on how China keeps being more interested about business than culture made in original places like over here.

Doesn't do much justice either to science made in Kunming. The first Chinese mRNA vaccine is in phase 3 in Mexico and is made in town. I bet some of our laowais would have been happy to travel back home with that shot.

Gokunming should report on these matters as well as stating the number of monkeys culled for this same reason (and the thousands captive kept in Kunming for experimentation) to advance the understanding of pros and cons of living in Covid times...

lemon lover (969 posts) • 0

Got my Covid shot today. I am not sure if it was all according to the rules because somebody with connections at the clinic pushed things through. Took however hours. First one hour in the drizzle, then one hour in the rain and then one hour under cover of the awnings of the shops next to the clinic. Once in the registration is done and blood pressure and body temperature is checked. Then in the queue again for entering you data in the system. This time this worked because of the connected person’s meddling. Then in the queue again for your shot followed by the half hour observation period. In all nearly 4.5 hours.
Like yesterday there were no distancing rules and during the intake you sit shoulder to shoulder. Long since that I have been in so close contacts with total strangers. Good thus that we do not have actual Covid in Kunming.

Mario007 (33 posts) • 0

Did you know this person with connection or did they simply decide to help a guy in need?

It's really strangeit is possible to register the shot through the system today but it wasn't yesterday.

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