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COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

12345 (106 posts) • 0

i contacted the number on the paper they stuck on the door. they said to contact 盘龙区人民医院。 took many tries to get thru. then they said that foreigners can of course get vaccinated. told them i heard the system won't accept passport. they said yeah, need id. and said they have no further info, and that it changes daily. gave me a general vaccine hotline, which search revealed to be (青云社区卫生服务中心盘龙区园博路13 0871-65665232. said many people call it, so again it might be tough to get thru. called, unlike with the hospital number, which was busy, it kept ringing, but same result, no answer.

sunjiangyu (13 posts) • 0

I originally tried to go with my wife's company and her coworkers in April, they got me on the list, allowed me in, figured out that they needed to manually input my information and were willing to do it, but, in the end they said I couldn't get the shot because my blood pressure was over 140. Over the last couple months I've asked places in my neighborhood and nobody knew anything about giving it to foreigners (unless you have the green card). Recently there has been a big campaign trying to get people vaccinated, even coming to our house, but still no concrete info about foreigners. Today on the walk home I asked the volunteers again and apparently they are letting foreigners get it now at the 国贸中心. Has anyone heard anything about that or gone there? Saw big lines at the Tuodong Stadium and Kunming Museum over the weekend so I'll probably wait until it's confirmed and there's no huge line to wait in... Also, for anyone with blood pressure issues, apparently now they'll only refuse you it's over 160. And one more thing for the drinkers, they told me no booze the day before you get the shot.

CromsonCromson (145 posts) • 0

Thanks 12345 and sunjiangyu for the infos! Our companies HR manager got me on a list early, even before the Chinese colleagues thought about getting a shot. But now they're all inoculated and I'm not. I'm in no hurry getting the shot, but as previous posters wrote already, they making daily commuting a pain without being inoculated. Guess I'll wait until they deliver the shot right to my doorstep. ;) @12345 Foreigner with a chinese ID? Must be an owner of chinese green card, or else won't have an ID number.

12345 (106 posts) • 0

ha what a rumor mill all this is. it's like the 'don't ask don't tell' of yore. oh well, when in rome. we've all the been beneficiaries of things not being done strictly 'by the book' about a million times. it has to go the other way sometime. yeah not many of us have an id. maybe when the population implosion gets 'a bit' more serious in a few decades. not that japan has thrown the gates open for the same reason. so far they're trying to arrange human contact for Hikikomori, make a state dating app, hike taxes, and encourage tourism revenue while talking about laws against overtourism from the other side of the mouth. oh well, not like many people in most western countries love the idea of immigration. melting pot is a nice idea, but hard to swallow for the average humonkey. for now. getting better. july 1 is thursday, let's hope they'll start jabbing us then. i'll do some soviet-style line-standing if that's what it takes. and they've exported a lot of vaccines, so i can see if they don't have quite enough for everybody. meanwhile stateside, presumably thanks to fox news et al., some places are throwing away nine out of a ten-dose package, rather than try to wait for more people to show up. so rumor mill is alive and well across the globe. anyway i feel lucky to have weathered the pandemic here in the hinterlands. tried that phone number last night, busy, tried it now, just rings. if no news by thursday, i'd take a trip to the 国贸 and report here.

Ricklane (37 posts) • 0

@Cromson, I heard about this single-dose vaccine offered in Kunming. Did your wife get Convidecia or Cansino Biologics?

Efficacy for both one-dose vaccines seem to range in the sixties percentile. Cansino was 65.7% effective in preventing symptomatic cases of the virus and 90.1% effective in preventing severe diseases in trials outside China. Booster required after six months.

Vaccine delivery to doorstep in the future may be farfetched, but volunteers do already come to residential communities offering to whisk residents to vaccination sites or hospitals in their free shuttle transport services. True for Kunming and for other cities outside Yunnan where I own apartments so I know this for a fact. Jabs aren't mandatory, but complex security/baoan (not in Yunnan) make a big deal about vaccinations when entering premises.

Ricklane (37 posts) • 0

Correction: Convidecia is another name for Ad5-nCoV COVID-19 vaccine under Cansino Biologics. So both are the same one shot jab.

Tom69 (149 posts) • -1

It is interesting that Bao'an etc. are asking to see proof of vaccination when entering certain premises. Does this apply only to malls and stores or also apartment buildings? Would be quite concerning to be locked out of an apartment building for lack of vaccination.

Ricklane (37 posts) • +1

No malls, stores, or apartment buildings that I know of in Kunming require proof of vaccination for entrance. Quite lax these days here. The strictest protocols would be cursory glances at your green health code and the formality motions of taking your temperature.

tigertigerathome (144 posts) • +1

Same here, the only thing I have been asked for is to show the green health code, the temperature check, and to wear a mask at the hospital.

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