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COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

lemon lover (965 posts) • +1

I got calls from the first place I had my shot for getting the second.

Got several messages from “Provincial Health Committee”

via China Telecom to remind me to show up for the second shot.

Mario007 (33 posts) • 0

So I've seen "volunteers" all around the place these days registering information for people who didn't get their shot, asking if you got your shot etc. From what I heard metro and many shops are doing a 'if you're not vaccinated you can't get in' policy. And everytime I ask about a vaccine for foreigners I'm met with a 'I dunno'.

AlPage48 (1321 posts) • +1

I've read many stories about shops, malls, etc. saying vaccine was required to get in.

Each time they were told by Beijing that they could not make that demand since vaccination (at this point in time) is still voluntary.

CromsonCromson (145 posts) • 0

They're adding pressure to get the population inoculated as fast as they can now. Seems like it has to do with cases popping up recently, also including the D-variant. My wife got her shot on Saturday after my son's school send out a message, demanding that all parents get their shots before June 30th. My wife is Chinese, so no problem... but for foreigners still unclear, at least in Kunming.

Mario007 (33 posts) • 0

I heard apparently after the first of July they'll be allowing foreigners to take a shot (official stance being foreigners were always allowed to take a shot but it just so happens that after the first of July the first dose vaccines will be available again these days only the second dose is available) but I've heard those kind of stories before so let's see.

CromsonCromson (145 posts) • 0

Back to topic... this kind of discussion not helpful at all. Thanks! Did anyone (foreigner of course) on here and in Yunnan got his vaccine shot already? In bigger cities like Guangzhou / Beijing / Shanghai aso they got foreigners inoculated already, so why isn't it possible in Kunming? I heard from friends who already went, waiting in line and got dismissed, that it's mainly because they are unable to fill in Passport numbers in the system.

tigertiger - moderator (5092 posts) • +2

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