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COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

lemon lover (956 posts) • +1

Apparently there was a change in the vaccination policy. The interval between the shots was reduced to 3 weeks. In order to have enough supply they apparently stopped enrolling people for their first shot.
So it might be some time before newbies will be vaccinated.

Anyway progress is made and eventually everybody will get their shots.

See as well the CNN article here:

Tom69 (142 posts) • -1

"Everyone will get their shots". Only the CNN viewing idiots who have no qualms about being injected with a liability-free experimental vaccine.

livinginchina (44 posts) • +1

In our xiao qu they came knocking on each door to remind us about getting the vaccine second dose. We ask them (the volunteers) what about foreigners getting their shots that don't have insurance or a 'green card'. They didn't know and said they will get back to us. If I get information, I will let you know.

lemon lover (956 posts) • +1

OK Tommy boy, we get it. You are one of these people that have seen the light probably on Fox. Or on Breitbart or One America News Network.

You are probably happy to hear that after two shots I am now fully magnetic. If I had a gun it simply would stick to me, no need for a holster.

As well with these microchips inside me I feel more connected to my computer, we have something in common. That’s why I am so much on it lately.

Now I understand as well why the car industry was/is having problems getting the chips they need. All chip makers are now too busy to make microchips for injection.

Ricklane (34 posts) • 0

Interesting stat. According to a recent SCMP piece, "200,000 of 845,000 foreigners living in the mainland have had the jab" as of early June. Slightly less than a quarter, yet much more than I'd expected based on discussions on these forum threads.


Approval status of foreign vaccines, China's border reopening speculations, booster shots, and other relevant subjects pertaining to Chinese vaccines are mentioned in the SMCP Covid series' installments below:


mildtoupee (3 posts) • 0

A few months ago, I was speaking with one of the big bosses of our schools from Beijing, and he said 90% of the foreigners had got the shot once. I'm assuming that's based on the ones he was dealing with.

Kunming/Yunnan's foreigners are mostly from SEA, probably not a high priority in normal circumstances.

Tom69 (142 posts) • -2

Obviously foreigners from SE Asian countries would be getting their shots without question.

napav (33 posts) • 0

Has anyone been getting a phone call inquiring and reminding you to get vaccinated lately? Possibly by the same local community folks who were sent to handle the census.

JanJal (1135 posts) • 0

Nope, but same as someone else posted earlier, got them knocking on door and asking in person for same purpose.

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