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New code at subway station?

JanJal (1199 posts) • 0

Maybe this was mentioned somewhere else, but couldn't find.

Yesterday when we were going to subway, the guard asked as to read a new QR code - which didn't have English option as far as I could quickly see, so he let us pass without.

I took a photo and registered my phone number with it later, but don't know if that's all there is to it.

The new code is with green "up arrow" icon.

tigertigerathome (164 posts) • 0

We had those at the airport in Kunming and in Shanghai. The one with the up arrow seems to be for transportation. The other app is still being used for health checks, the one with the lungs icon in green.

AlPage48 (1353 posts) • 0

Yesterday when I took the bus the driver was making everyone scan in.

It brought up the same green screen I've seen before, but when I checked recently used mini-programs a different one was on the top of the list.

With no (reported) community transmission in Kunming it sounds like they're ramping up prevention efforts ahead of the spring festival holiday.

AlPage48 (1353 posts) • 0

I had the opportunity to use the new code this morning at the subway. Thanks to Giggi I had already installed the mini program and had my wife help me read the Chinese for setup.

At the subway (east bus station), passengers were not scanning and nobody stopped them, but I scanned in anyway.

Coming back from Tuodong Lu subway station the guards were insisting on scanning both codes.

The PSB also has a second QR code to scan now.

Again, it's in Chinese only, which I can't read, and nobody could guide me through it, so they just waved me through.

duke is me (61 posts) • 0

Well, it keeps the people off-balance, uncertain, doesn't it? Once the people begin to feel confident, there will be a campaign to re-name the streets, or something similar..
I prefer the bus: no phone, no codes, and an actual empty seat, which I never saw on the metro..

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