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On-call installations for home

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I just want to share with everyone an useful resource for on-call home furniture/appliance installations in Kunming and for most first to third tier cities in China. The service provided is hassle-free, and more affordable than trying to procure a nearby worker (more respectfully called "shifu") on your own. Around 70 rmb for most home installation needs mentioned below.

The phone app is called Lubandaojia (鲁班到家).

First, you submit your home need. Whether to install a newly bought furniture like sofa or bed, toilet, sink, lighting fixtures, ceiling laundry rack, curtains, wallpapers, doors, door locks, water heater, misc. appliances, you name it... a handyman near you who specializes in performing your requested task can choose to pickup your order. In minutes, or at scheduled date/time, they would arrive at your residence to complete the task for ~CNY70. Sort of like Didi (or Uber equivalent) transportation services, but for home services.

I recently used the app for finding a handyman to install a ceiling fan bought on TMall for a discount. A handyman (and his wife) came over and brought their own heavy-duty concrete drilling tools and stretchable ladder. Assembled the ceiling fan light fixture itself and installed it to the ceiling. All for 70 bucks.

This service is useful for anyone who bought lower cost furniture/appliance online which doesn't come with same-city installations. The installation option would cost much more through TMall, Taobao, and JD sellers than from this independent app.

FYI, many of these installers who pick up orders on Lubandaojia app are employees of decoration companies contracted by land developers, who seek to make a few bucks on the side via this service portal.

Besides the smartphone app, Lubandaojia also has an official website:


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