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Anyone able to contact US Consulate / Guangzhou?

duke is me (64 posts) • 0


The email link I have for the US Consulate is dead or blocked..
Has anyone recently been in contact with them?

michael2015 (779 posts) • 0

Try it again - sometimes the ISP (Internet Service Provider) just can't get to the site.

The US Embassy China and consulates are all attached to a .org.cn domain name - so the sites aren't picked up the the Great Firewall, unless they violate local Chinese internet laws.

I connected to the website without any problems.


+86 20 3814-5775, within China
Email: GuangzhouACS@state.gov

The consulates and embassies are ALL supposed to maintain a 7/24 telecom presence, but because of COVID - they may be running reduced services (your tax dollars at work). If you can't connect to Guangzhou - call the main embassy in Beijing.

Finally - there's a "US Citizens in Yunnan" WeChat group - which used to be operated by the Chengdu consulate and is sort of moderated by Kunming denizens with some sparse moderation by the US Consulate Guangzhou.

Kunming has a volunteer consulate deputy. The Guangzhou consulate and the US Embassy MAY want to add their information to the gokm listings section as a US citizen courtesy.

Other foreign nationals may also wish to add their consulate and embassy information to the gokm listings section also.

duke is me (64 posts) • 0

Thanks for your response..
The Consulate's main page opens, and the only contact email is in the visa section: support-china@ustraveldocs.com ..
Using 2 different browsers, the results were: blank page..

China Mobile stole my sim card, so I can't phone them..

duke is me (64 posts) • 0

Thanks Michael2015..
The Consular website lists Yunnan Province as now being in Beijing's jurisdiction..
I was able to post my enquiry to:
Beijingacs@state.gov, and received an automated reply..

michael2015 (779 posts) • 0

They should respond shortly. Don't forget the Beijing embassy also has an emergency hotline. They will NOT intervene in local laws - simply because they usually can not - especially here - but they can provide guidance and counseling on potential options.

Transiting through the USA back to the EU or UK - definitely NOT something you want to do right now, if possible.

These are special times - so the PSB may route you to country of preference - as long as you have a valid passport.

Best wishes and bon voyage.

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