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New MRT Line 4 Opening

fabey (67 posts) • 0

AlPage48 wrote,

"Line 5 is still under construction and I've heard that more have been approved."

Kunming Metro just announced Line 5 full track connection finalization by tomorrow. Scheduled to be operational in the first half of this year, so probably around June.

Hard hats off to the hardworking workers toiling underground during the pandemic. Their work to pay off, benefiting the city for decades to come.

Line 5 (29km) travels SW to NE Kunming with 22 stations that run through:

"Panlong District, Wuhua District, Xishan District, Dianchi Resort and Guandu District, passing through the Expo Park area, Yuantong Park area, and the Convention and Exhibition Center area. The World Expo Garden, Yuantong Mountain, Green Lake, Dianchi Lake and other highly representative tourist attractions in Kunming."

Connecting with Line 1, 2, 3, 4 along the way.

Line 5 train is special in that it is Kunming homegrown:

"The first rail transit vehicle completely 'made in Kunming' from trial production to mass production, and it is also the first urban rail vehicle for CRRC Zhuji to use lithium titanate batteries (as auxiliary power source and environmentally friendly)."

See pictures:


Mario007 (42 posts) • 0

Any news as to when line one and two will be finally finished. I saw the sign on the street saying the works will be done by the end of may but seeing the state of them it seems hard to believe.

tigertigerathome (166 posts) • 0

We drove past a Line 5 station last night. All the lights were on and it looks like they are about ready to go. I guess that they will achieve THIS deadline ;-)

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