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Second hand market?

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

According to reliable sources I have been told that there is a huge second hand marketplace for furniture and stuff like that somewhere in Kunming but noone I've asked seems to know exactly where it is. I've found out that it moved a year or two back but does anyone know of it's new location and if it is worth going there? Thanks a lot. I am about to move from a furnished ap to an empty one so I might need a lot of stuff soon.

Tonyaod (824 posts) • 0

Hey Dan,

There a few second hand market in Kunming, the one you are referring to has been moved to Guanshang behind the airport and past the International trade and expo center. I went there about 8 months ago and nothing was setup and wasn't worth the trip. It is also far from the city center.

I would recommend asking around for another second hand market that deals specifically with furniture some where in the city as it would be easier to haul your purchase to your new home.

Sorry I can't be more specific than that.

kemeilin (17 posts) • 0

I went there about 3 weeks ago. The market is pretty big, but if I went back I'd go on the weekend since a number of stalls were closed. Of course, it was nice because it wasn't mobbed...

The place is called 昆明福德旧货市场。 If you take the 90 south and get off on 福达路口, it's across the street and slightly north. Look for a big red sign on the top of a building and follow the signs. It's pretty famous apparently.

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

Just came back from the place and another one we visited in the NE. I was pleasently surprised by how many good things we could get for the money we have budgetted. Basically for the price of a new fairly good 3x2 sofaset we could buy furniture for 3 rooms second hand and most vendors offered to ship it to our place for free. My gf and I have decided to get an empty apartment now and buy all we need second hand to fill it up. Definately recommendable.

On a second note I had to hit myself over the head when I realised that the crappy kitchentable and the cheap uncomfortable Walmart chair that my current landlady had supplied me with as a "computer-corner" could have been replaced by a hardwood desk and a brilliant padded leather armchair for 200 kuai when I moved here 10 months ago. Silly silly.

Lusia (10 posts) • 0

Could anyone give me better directions for the 昆明福德旧货市场 market and maybe the name in pinyin and also where I have to get off the bus? Which buses can you take? Thanks!

MichaelT (7 posts) • 0

I heard the second hand market has moved again? Does anyone know where it might be now? Maybe I've heard a bad rumor?

alyssa_爱思 (10 posts) • 0

I went to the market yesterday in search of practically everything, having just moved into an empty apartment. I was able to find used appliances, but all of the furniture that I saw was new. Is there a part of the market that sells used furniture that I just missed? Or do they only have used electronics?

Maude (32 posts) • 0

Any more news on this market or any other good places to buy second hand or cheap furniture? Dan you mentioned that you had been to a market in the North East. Please could you tell me where it is?

Or does any one know of a big Ikea-like shop where we could pick up new things cheaply?

Thanks very much!

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