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Visa renewal impossible?

bubblyian (88 posts) • 0

Does anyone know what the new policy is towards visa renewal AFTER the automatic two month extension? I have been told conflicting things by my language school and the PSD. It appears that all foreigners will have to leave China to apply for a new visa to return to China, but the visa application centres in UK, for example, are all closed! Is this an attempt to drive all foreigners out of China over the next twelve months or can we renew visas inside China (as happened before the new virus rules)?

GoKunming (162 posts) • 0

This is from the Dutch embassy in Beijing:

60 days extension automatically granted to foreigners staying in China, not applicable to foreigners staying outside of China. Foreigners with expiring residence permit can renew without penalty. Those outside if China will have to apply for a new visa.

GoKunming (162 posts) • 0

What the Entry and Exit Bureau tells you is true. Schools have not been giving correct information in some cases. It is certainly not the case that 'all foreigners have to leave China'.

bubblyian (88 posts) • 0

Thanks - but how can I renew my student visa without leaving China? My school said I must return to UK (I am UK citizen) to apply for a new visa. (Nothing on British embassy Beijing website)

AlPage48 (1353 posts) • 0

I suggest contacting the PSB for advice.

If they are granting extensions then maybe they can give instructions to the school.

It's unlikely that the British embassy would have this type of advice on their website since everything is in a bit of a fluid state at the moment.

I'm also interested in knowing what happens after than current 2 month extension expires.

Nothing has been said about it yet that I know of.

bubblyian (88 posts) • 0

I emailed the british embassy in beijing - you were correct. They were completely unhelpful giving simply generic advice......

JanJal (1199 posts) • +4

I don't understand how British, or any foreign consulate, could help you in obtaining extension or any information about Chinese visa. That is Chinese jurisdiction.

bubblyian (88 posts) • 0

from British Embassy in Beijing: "We appreciate that this is a difficult and exceptional time.

The authorities in the country or territory you’re travelling to or are currently in are responsible for setting and enforcing the rules for entry. Many countries are looking at their visa policy and procedure during this time. You will need to communicate with these authorities.

For information and access to country authorities, please read information on the travel advice page for the country you are in:


Information about immigration and visas for British nationals can be found in the entry requirements and/or the "return to the UK" sections of these travel advice pages.

Please register your self for email alerts on these pages so we can send you notifications of any updates as they happen. Please read the broader guidance we have published.

In addition to our travel advice, we strongly suggest you use our FCO and Embassy social media pages, (Facebook and Twitter) for updates and further information. This can include information about flights and other transport options. We use these sites as well as our travel advice pages to inform you about what you will need to do to act on any options that become available.



bubblyian (88 posts) • 0

@Janjai They should know the latest local visa information policy for nationals of their country, otherwise what is the point of having them there if they cannot help and do not know anything about the local laws?

JanJal (1199 posts) • +1

As far as visas are considered, the point of having them there is to provide information about such policies for Chinese nationals wanting to go to UK.

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