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Haircut advice!

zennalee (20 posts) • 0

ha! I've already been down the "Local Experience" route and have the ORANGE highlights as my my badge of "courage"! Would love to try this place, but cannot find a name or number. Do you have either? Thanks

mingbai (18 posts) • 0

I had the same problem, I have curly hair and I don't trust any local hairdressers messing with my hair (sorry!), so I've asked around and found a western hairdresser, in the same place that the above threads recommended- Toni & Guy, I went to the Ginko mall branch and I love my new haircut!!! It's quite pricey but I also got a small discount (they're really nice) especially cos the Ginko branch is a new one and they're trying to get new clients. They also have a branch near Nanpin jie.
Their no. at Ginko's- 5624262, the other one- 3620080
The western hairdresser is the nicest in town, her name is Rezvan.

Hope I've helped.

zennalee (20 posts) • 0

Does anyone have any experience with highlights at Toni and Guy in

the Ginko Center? If so, was it good and what is the name of the stylist?

zennalee (20 posts) • 0

Oh, one more thing - what's the deal with tipping there? I'm uncomfortable not tipping, but people don't seem to expect it nor will most accept it. What's your advice?

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

Tipping not expected - but if you're forceful, MAYBE they'll accept it - case by case basis. On a reverse note - if you feel obligated to tip but your server steadfastly declines - suggest you donate the tip to one of the many charities instead.

bingbing (10 posts) • 0

hi my brother in law owns a hair salon . its Called Ku Long,, on yuan xi lu # 111 .. just up hill from yuan tong theatre. tell them bing bing sent u !

zennalee (20 posts) • 0

OK, just got back from Toni and Guy's and my experience with Rezvan

and the entire staff was the BEST experience I've had in a Salon, bar none! I came in with hair that was damaged and overprocessed and she worked miracles with the cut and color I would not have thought possible. I could not recommend her more highly.

psycho (19 posts) • 0

Yes!!!! I went to Toni and Guy yesterday. Rezvan cut and highlighted my wavy short hair! I love it and highly recommend her. The experience was great and she is so nice and helpful! The higher price is definitely worth it for me because bad haircuts really drag me down.. guess I'm too vain. She is located at the northern new (1 year old) Gingko mall. Call 562-4262 for appt. and directions.

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