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Haircut advice!

birdabroad (40 posts) • 0

I feel a bit silly asking for this kind of advice, but: I need to get a haircut and have no idea where to go. The trouble is that my hair isn't straight, so I'm a bit nervous of whether or not a KMG barber will know what to do with it. Though I do see lots of women with permed hair, of course, so they must be going somewhere...

Have any women with long-ish wavy/curly hair had a good haircut around here? Thanks!

misseward (35 posts) • 0

I heard that a Toni & Guy franchise opened up in Kunming a few months ago. Not sure where it is, I've got a feeling it's close by to where those 'fancy' shops like Prada and Gucci are at. Anyone know where that's at? It might be expensive, but at the same time, one would hope they'd know what they were doing with curly hair.

Tonyaod (824 posts) • 0

I had thought you would've found a place by now, but since this has become a life or death situation, I'll speak up. I go to the hair cut place next to the New Jianshe Movie theater on the corner of wenling street and Jianshe road. I've seen other expats there as well and I think they do a decent job. 20yuan for shampoo and a cut, not a bad deal.

piers (144 posts) • 0

Tony & Guy is behind Parkson's near JinMaFan. It's not hugely expensive for a hair cut/wash but I'm sure you could run up a fairly large bill with colouring, etc...

The head stylist is called Carson, I'd suggest asking for him.

Th English phone number on the GK listing is for Alyssa. She doesn't actually work there but if you don't speak Chinese she'll call them up for you.

zennalee (20 posts) • 0

Do you have a number? I tried the one given to me by the Toni and Guy HQ in London and it's a non-working number.

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

Bad haircuts are part of the local experience! They're what differentiates you from the "newbies". However if one has the expendable funds - there's a new stylist opening (or already open) in the Ginko building - 3rd floor - but be prepared for some wallet pain...

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