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ginie (1 post) • 0

Hi all! My name iS Zingo and im a tanzanian dancer, Ive received an offer to go to China with my team and perform. Id like to know

if its reliable. the email im receivin emails is something like : ynkmwqw1 by one person called YIN but im not sure if i can trust what he/ she is saying. any advise ? I would love to go as im an internaitional dancer and coreographer and would love to go abroad. THANKS SO MUCH.

JanJal (1048 posts) • +2

On a quick Google search, "ynkmwqw1" did appear on one China scammers list result page, but there was no further information.

Email and domain addresses in China (especially in public institutions) can be quite cryptic and it's difficult to tell anything based on those alone.

You could play along but refuse to send any money and refuse to come to China on tourist visas.

Have them provide any authorized invitations and financial guarantees that you may need for cultural exchange visas (F-visa I believe) for your team. Your nearest Chinese consulate may be helpful as well.

Them asking for money, or asking to go on tourist visas, indicate obvious fraud.

Liumingke1234 (3288 posts) • +1

NOW IS NOT A GOOD TIME TO BE GOING TO CHINA!The corona virus will be with us for awhile. Group gatherings and performance venues are still prohibited. Chances are it's a scam.

michael2015 (666 posts) • 0

There are dance venues for professional dance troupes listed on the Gokm ads to the right - such as Yang LiPing's Dynamic Yunnan and other concert halls. You can contact these places directly to propose bookings for professional entertainment venues.

Some of the more upscale Saunas in China also hire live entertainment, such as live bands etc...

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