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British Airways has suspended all direct flights to and from mainland China, following travel advice from the Foreign Office that warned against all but essential travel to the country due to the coronavirus outbreak., the airline’s website, shows no direct flights to China are available in January and February


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I went to my local PSB yesterday to register my return from holiday abroad and they said they weren't open until next week... so it seems there is some flexibility on the rules for now.

JanJal (1077 posts) • +1

I thought they'd be closed until this week's Friday anyway due to regular CNY holidays. The holidays which now have been extended until next week, the 2nd being last holiday.

I'm not personally in any risk with my RP btw, was just thinking that in some fields people might have started work contract after CNY last year, finishing work for this year's CNY, and taken remainder of their 1-year permits to travel.

I am however personally in such situation, where bus trip to nearest PSB able to accept even visitor registration (much less visa extensions) would take 2 hours one-way even without increased check points, and I could extrapolate that others might be in similar situation - but with visas expiring soon after CNY.

(by the way, in January when I returned from abroad, my local PSB told my wife that I do not need to register the return at all).

john-doe1983 (69 posts) • 0

@JanJal That has been the case for me for about 3 years now. The police said only come to register if I have moved or got a new visa. If I leave china and come back don't bother.

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British Airways says flight suspensions are ‘temporary’ until Friday

BA has said the suspension of flights to and from mainland China will last until Friday in an apparent step back from the open-ended suspension that was announced this morning.


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I browsed those 2 sites you posted about cut back transit service.

Since they're in Chinese I had to get them translated.
The first one was really unclear, and the service noted for the subway did not equal the service in the second post which included Beichen as a stop.

I wonder how they expect people to get to those very limited stops with no bus service.

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