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New Coronavirus

AlPage48 (1136 posts) • 0

I browsed those 2 sites you posted about cut back transit service.

Since they're in Chinese I had to get them translated.
The first one was really unclear, and the service noted for the subway did not equal the service in the second post which included Beichen as a stop.

I wonder how they expect people to get to those very limited stops with no bus service.

Trumpster (74 posts) • +2


Had my wife take a look again and it would seem that the first link was notice sent out by the "Kunming Committee on Novel Corona Virus Epidemic", the second link was a notice by the bus company themselves, so I would go with the second one.

On further inspection, it would appear that the bus serverice is even more limiting than I first thought, there are only a total of 10 bus routes running in the city, 5 routes going to the Old Train Station and 5 going to the South Station. They all seem to originate in one of the four Bus Terminal Stations + the western bus station and end in either one of the train stations.

As for how they expect people to get to the stops, well, we all know how planning works in China during normal times, let alone during an emergency.

DanDare (51 posts) • 0

Those routes look they are there to service the needs of those who must transit through Kunming. Like those who must return to work to other cities not Kunming, from the countryside.

pideh390 (10 posts) • +1

For those running out of masks, Parkson supermarket just announced on their WeChat official account a new shipment of masks will be available within two days. Follow them for details.

It goes without saying masks are in demand. So be quick like a ninja.

JanJal (999 posts) • +2

@DanDare: "Like those who must return to work to other cities not Kunming, from the countryside"

Agreed, but getting to the bus stations, in a bus, poses a dilemma while long-distance buses are suspended.

For example we are in Baoshan prefecture, and buses can't cross to Dali pref. There are hundreds of people in the township we are in, waiting to get back to factories in Yiwu etc.

pideh390 (10 posts) • 0

Thank you again Vera for updating on the reopening of government services (2/3), businesses (2/10), and schools (2/17):


A welcomed relief.

May I also add fitness gyms like Hercules will be closed until further notice. Closed days will be reimbursed to gym members in the future.

pideh390 (10 posts) • 0

It is my understanding employers are required to pay employees during above mentioned enforced closing period.

Does anyone have verified information on that?

Also, will the registration for purchasing or rationing of essential OTC drugs such as amoxicillin (limit 2) continue at pharmacies after Feb. 3?

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