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New Coronavirus

GoKunming (159 posts) • +3

Mihani has been banned for presenting numbers in such a way as to provoke fear. Unnecessary and unhelpful.

Official tallies can be found in the link in the article linked in above post.

Speculation and fear mongering based on these numbers is not welcome in this thread, thank you.

JanJal (1078 posts) • 0

Fear is a powerful tool. Fear of god spread education to read and write in medieval (and post so) Europe, and fear of virus may educate Asian cultures a thing or two in some future historical reviews.

bucko (688 posts) • +1

I think I made the right move just in time. We left Kunming for the US on the 24th and plan to wait things out from here. Looks like we got out just before thngs really went south.

pideh390 (13 posts) • +4

Thank you Geezer for the link. To Vera and Tiger, you guys are doing a wonderful thing for everyone. To Colin of Sal, we love you and awaiting reopening soon. Cheers everyone.

pideh390 (13 posts) • +2

Unlike bucko, I'll be flying in to Kunming soon.

Will report anything local, including anything out of ordinary at changshui airport, in timely, pragmatic, and calm manner.

We are in this together.

JanJal (1078 posts) • 0

It is quite saddening to see how the official news now mention the exact same things that were banned as rumours and hearsay only a couple of days ago.

For example many locales (in Yunnan alone) implementing restrictions for entry/exit based on local/non-local license plates, as written in this official page, authorized by GoKunming: mp.weixin.qq.com/s/teP1zR7gQxRb8A3jS3i3RQ

JanJal (1078 posts) • 0

"We called the Entry and Exit Bureau this morning — Wednesday, January 29, 10:00AM — As of yet there are no official reports of land borders to Vietnam and Laos being closed"

While contacting Entry & Exit, another topic to ask might be whether suspended long-distance buses etc (especially in rural parts of the province where other means of transport may not be available) constitute a "force majeure" in terms of failing to register stays at PSBs or getting stuck in mountains and missing visa/RP expirations?

GoKunming (159 posts) • 0


At this point it's not possible for us to make a blanket statement or say anything about individual cases about waiving of penalties or other consequences for overstaying visa.

Best to call the National Immigration Administration hotline provided in the article and check with them about your particular circumstances.


We keep calling them and as soon as we have clear info we'll update the article.

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