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Countries around the world are planning to evacuate diplomatic staff and private citizens from Chinese areas hit by the new coronavirus, Reuters reports. The news agency has compiled some countries’ evacuation plans, and how they are planning to manage the health risk from those who are returning.

France’s first plane to repatriate nationals from Wuhan will leave Paris on Wednesday and return the next day. The flight will carry people with no symptoms, junior transport minister Jean-Baptiste Djebarri told television channel CNews. “These people will be put under quarantine. And then there will be a second flight, at a yet undefined date, with people showing symptoms ... who will be cared for in Paris,” he said.

South Korea plans to send charter flights this week to evacuate its citizens from Wuhan, Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun said on Tuesday. The planes will arrive in the city as early as Thursday, he told a ministerial meeting aimed at discussing efforts to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Japan will send a charter flight to Wuhan on Tuesday night. Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said the flight can carry around 200 passengers, but added about 650 citizens hope to return to Japan. Motegi said Tokyo is making arrangements for extra flights to Wuhan as early as Wednesday. Those with symptoms such as fever will be sent to hospital on landing at Tokyo’s Haneda airport, while those with no signs of virus can go home and then to work or school, but will be advised to avoid crowds and take their temperatures twice a day.

Kazakhstan has asked Beijing to allow 98 Kazakh students to leave the city of Wuhan, deputy foreign minister Shukhrat Nuryshev said.

Germany will evacuate 90 citizens living in China’s Wuhan region.

Morocco will evacuate 100 citizens, mostly students, from the Wuhan area.

Spain’s government is working with China and the European Union to repatriate Spanish nationals from the Wuhan area, Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya said.

The U.S. State Department said it will evacuate personnel from its Wuhan consulate to the United States and offer a limited number of seats to private U.S. citizens on a flight. Some private citizens will be able to board the “single flight” leaving Wuhan on Jan. 28 for San Francisco, it said.

Canada has about 167 nationals in the Wuhan area, Foreign Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne said on Monday, and eight people have sought consular assistance, which is being provided. While the minister did not rule out possible evacuations, he did not indicate there were any planned at the moment, adding that each consular request would be evaluated on a “case by case basis”.

Russia has been in talks with China about evacuating its nationals from Wuhan and Hubei province, Russia’s embassy in China said.

The Dutch government is assessing ways to evacuate 20 Dutch citizens from Wuhan, press agency ANP reported.

Authorities in Myanmar said they had cancelled a planned evacuation of 60 students from Mandalay who were studying in Wuhan. Kyaw Yin Myint, a spokesman for the Mandalay municipal government, told Reuters that a “final decision” had been made to send them back after 14 days, once the virus’ incubation period had passed.

Britain is talking to international partners to find solutions to help British and other foreign nationals leave Wuhan, a spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson said.

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***Topic tidied up***
Please refrain from doing crude statistical analysis, especially if you are not qualified. Raw data, that is constantly changing, and using small numbers, is unreliable and unhelpful. As has already been highlighted.

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With all due respect, it is important to update the foreign community of Kunming that confirmed cases in Yunnan has increased over 100% in one day, from 19 (yesterday) to 44 (now).


This particular info, at it pertains to our residing region, can't be found on English news outlets. CNN and The Guardian don't report on such localized news.

Furthermore, I assume many readers may not read Chinese. Don't leave them in the dark.

This knowledge cautions us to be even more vigilant when we venture outside. To be more conscientious of hand hygiene. To better protect ourselves and family.

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I second @mihani.

We don't all read Chinese, and not all can (for obvious reasons) access foreign news even if it had information relevant to Kunming or other smaller cities.

Ask our Chinese family and friends? More rumours, hearsay, misunderstanding, and lost in translation there than anytime on this forum.

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I manage with translation apps. The stuff in the Guardian was more about European countries responses, and other stuff with nothing to do with Kunming or Yunnan.
I also think one person is on a bit of an ego trip, and doesn't care if he spreads alarm, as long as he is heard. regurgitating public information. Serving no valuable purpose but his own.
And yeh, there has been some pretty crude analysis of raw data, using the same flawed analysis that the same person criticized only a few hours ago.

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Hi all,

We understand the need for verified news very well, which is why we have added the latest article, which we will continue to update.

Seeing the rampant fake news and rumors spreading like wildfire in wechat groups we have decided to be very strict with moderation on the forum.

A good point was made about not being able to access verified international news sources without proxy. We will in this case allow the copying of text verbatim.

Thank you for sharing your verified information from trusted sources, refraining from fear mongering and for keeping it civilized and level headed.

Please only share Yunnan and Kunming related info, thank you.

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We have updated the article:


Now including travel advice by Dutch and US embassies, a hotline for visa questions from the National Immigration Administration, a link to international news sources that don't require a proxy and as yet no verified news on the closure of land borders to Laos and Vietnam.

Good night everyone :)

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