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DanDare (65 posts) • +2

I manage with translation apps. The stuff in the Guardian was more about European countries responses, and other stuff with nothing to do with Kunming or Yunnan.
I also think one person is on a bit of an ego trip, and doesn't care if he spreads alarm, as long as he is heard. regurgitating public information. Serving no valuable purpose but his own.
And yeh, there has been some pretty crude analysis of raw data, using the same flawed analysis that the same person criticized only a few hours ago.

GoKunming (143 posts) • +5

Hi all,

We understand the need for verified news very well, which is why we have added the latest article, which we will continue to update.

Seeing the rampant fake news and rumors spreading like wildfire in wechat groups we have decided to be very strict with moderation on the forum.

A good point was made about not being able to access verified international news sources without proxy. We will in this case allow the copying of text verbatim.

Thank you for sharing your verified information from trusted sources, refraining from fear mongering and for keeping it civilized and level headed.

Please only share Yunnan and Kunming related info, thank you.

GoKunming (143 posts) • 0

We have updated the article:[...]

Now including travel advice by Dutch and US embassies, a hotline for visa questions from the National Immigration Administration, a link to international news sources that don't require a proxy and as yet no verified news on the closure of land borders to Laos and Vietnam.

Good night everyone :)

GoKunming (143 posts) • +3

Mihani has been banned for presenting numbers in such a way as to provoke fear. Unnecessary and unhelpful.

Official tallies can be found in the link in the article linked in above post.

Speculation and fear mongering based on these numbers is not welcome in this thread, thank you.

JanJal (1029 posts) • 0

Fear is a powerful tool. Fear of god spread education to read and write in medieval (and post so) Europe, and fear of virus may educate Asian cultures a thing or two in some future historical reviews.

bucko (683 posts) • +1

I think I made the right move just in time. We left Kunming for the US on the 24th and plan to wait things out from here. Looks like we got out just before thngs really went south.

pideh390 (10 posts) • +4

Thank you Geezer for the link. To Vera and Tiger, you guys are doing a wonderful thing for everyone. To Colin of Sal, we love you and awaiting reopening soon. Cheers everyone.

pideh390 (10 posts) • +2

Unlike bucko, I'll be flying in to Kunming soon.

Will report anything local, including anything out of ordinary at changshui airport, in timely, pragmatic, and calm manner.

We are in this together.

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