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vetimo (18 posts) • 0

The Thai Kingdom throughout the outbreak was one of the few neighboring nations that generously opened their doors to Chinese tourists/investors, with a wai bow sawaddee greeting.

Quite a bit of solidarity in times of panic.

Chinese whose Thai tourist visa expired, yet owned condos in Thailand, were permitted to stay as long as the epidemic persisted. At the time, returning back to highly-infected Chinese provinces were deemed risky. So it was a welcomed gesture of goodwill from his majesty and his Thai government.

But it goes without saying, Thailand learned to be on good terms with the massive tourist industry (2 trillion bahts) from Mainland. Particularly after the bitter Chinese boycotting of Thailand in 2018. That was when the tragic capsizing of Chinese tourist boats near Phuket took the lives of 46 Chinese passengers. Wechat and Weibo blew up at the poor handling from Thai ministries. Lessons learned. Now water under the bridge.

However, with 47 cases in Thailand and counting. The welfare of their people now supersedes bottom line tourism revenue (12 - 14% GDP), warranting stricter security discretion... and completely understandable.

CindyLi (25 posts) • 0

A viral video (34 seconds) circulating showing Vice Premier inspecting a residential complex in Wuhan on lockdown.

Residents in the community are purportedly shouting "假的“ (Fake). According to news networks of the CPC's Central Committee, they are just complaining about the delivery of food, nothing more.

Dismiss this as propaganda fake news which the State has already debunked. Please don't search for them on Youtube or Twitter, thank you.

CindyLi (25 posts) • 0

Great news!

State news have reported nearly all new confirmed cases outside Wuhan originated abroad. The virus is at our mercy.

Thank you brethren comrades for your hard work in making China the greatest nation. Thank you President Xi Jinping for your successful coordination. JiaYou everyone!

JanJal (1078 posts) • +2

I think it'll be like what goes around comes around.

China will lower defenses and get hit by the curve ball heading back.

To continue on something I mentioned earlier, which is that now there are lot of people stuck in their apartments among themselves, and birth rates later in the year will go up.

These babies might grow up with face masks on right out of the womb, and in general in more sanitary environment than babies only recently have.

However, the first year in newborn life is crucial in coming contact with environment and building up resistance to more common nasty things (than Covid) that surround us.

So I speculate that while we might see more babies born this and possibly next year, we might also witnes that generation suffering more from asthma and/or worse sicknesses, that in more developed nations have generally been attributed to over-clinical environments in homes.

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