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New Coronavirus

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Earlier, the chief of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, praised Cambodia for allowing the Westerdam to dock.

“This is an example of international solidarity we have been consistently calling for,” Tedros said before the ship’s arrival.

“Outbreaks can bring out the best and the worst in people.”

EddyC (36 posts) • 0

Geezer, the enormous spike has to do with the government's initiative to test all the remaining suspected cases in Wuhan in a single day.

Regarding the one day death toll jump of "242."


Earlier when "the WHO officials are asked why the numbers of diagnoses is stabilising but the death rate is going up. Dr. [Michael] Ryan (executive director of the WHO health emergencies programme) says that this is because the length of the illness is comparatively long, so we are now seeing the 'end of life moments' of those who were diagnosed weeks ago."


Great news on our Yunnan front though.

Yunnan's confirmed cases has actually dropped down to 128 from 154.

26 recoveries, or hospital discharges.

In Kunming, 7 recoveries. From 46 confirmed cases down to 39.


Please resume work with caution, particularly next week when 160 million of the work force are set to return. As we've witnessed, this COVID19 pathogen is quite contagious. Hand hygiene and mask on. Be mindful of where you place your hands.

JanJal (1064 posts) • 0

"next week when 160 million of the work force are set to return"

Without spreading rumours, we are to register our kid for a Kunming kindergarten in March, but hopefully can do it remotely.

EddyC (36 posts) • 0

First things first.

Don't you guys have to first decide whether to eat the last pig or finish the chickens beforehand?

The curriculum can wait.

JanJal (1064 posts) • 0

When I go to morning pee, I don't yet drool at the sight of two squirrels that play in a tree by the house.

Also the spring will be here soon, and with it come the snakes and many insects. I hope they can clear hospitals before mushroom season.

Seriously though, it's fourth week without shower. I've been thinking of building a makeshift sauna.

EddyC (36 posts) • 0

Kindergarten nap time is overrated. Ensuite bathroom is not. Your kid won't miss much.

There's a popular snack store in Kunming called Three Squirrels (三只松鼠). A likely ripoff from Alvin and the Chipmunks. I'll send you some when you actually start drooling at the sight of live ones.

It's my understanding in some remote countrysides, villagers can go an entire winter season without showering/bathing.

I repeat. Do not sell the last pig. Depending on situation, it may be worth more than its weight in gold.

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A revision in the diagnosis criteria:
"Patients who are clinically diagnosed as having the novel coronavirus disease as confirmed patients when releasing the figures. Previously only patients testing positive for the virus were regarded as confirmed patients in Hubei".


This explains the big change in numbers.

EddyC (36 posts) • 0

For those who need to buy disinfectants. Kunming pharmacy 一心堂 is selling 1L glass bottles of Ethanol (75%) for 17.5cny. Much cheaper than what you'll find on Taobao. Useful for direct application to hands as sanitizers. Not recommended for sterilization of rooms. Limited supply and in high demand. Availability opportunity in the early mornings.

Dazzer (2807 posts) • 0

also good mix with orange juice for your daily boost of vitamin c to help prevent colds but dont drive after

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