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New Coronavirus

AlPage48 (1161 posts) • +3

That's good news about the buses returning.

We can see the north city bus station from the kitchen window.

There's been quite a bit of activity over there for the past few days.

Buses have been started up to make sure they're working properly and I've seen a few taken back to the maintenance building.

Prapancha (13 posts) • +2

Adding to your point on self-protection.

Disinfecting the objects we most often use may be wise. The multipurpose device we can't live without... our smartphones. They have become extensions of our fingers & hands.

According to studies, Covid-19 can live up to 96 hours (four days) on smartphone screen surfaces:

"the virus can also likely live on the surfaces these droplets touch, sometimes for multiple days, says Rudra Channappanavar, an immunologist who has studied coronaviruses at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Glass in particular—like the kind on screen of the smartphone you’re probably reading this on—can harbor live coronaviruses for up to 96 hours, or four days at room temperature."[...]

Geezer (1926 posts) • +1


China CDC home weekly reports:[...]

WHO daily sitreps, 7 pages, good stats. 1 - 22 stats are okay. better starting with #23:

WHO sitreps[...]

About mid Feb, there was some movement harmonize COVID-19 stats. As a result data became more consistent over sources. You can look for the reason this was done. China's population is expressed in

AlPage48 (1161 posts) • +1

Good advice on cleaning smart phones after being out. My wife told me to do that one day, but between her mispronunciation and my damaged hearing I though she said "clean your bum" rather than "clean your phone".

All things plastic can hold on to the virus longer than metal which we already knew about.

lemon lover (878 posts) • 0

Interesting article with references to Yunnan and Kunming.

Why force herbs down students' throats?

Who should be taking medicines? Those who are unwell, of course. However, in Lincang city, in Southwest China's Yunnan province, some schools made it mandatory for students to take a specific herb as a precaution against contracting the novel coronavirus.
Although there is no medical evidence to support the claim, reports say the students are required to buy the prescribed herb at local medicine shops and upload the prescription and bills to be able to attend classes in the new semester. Some kindergartens have even required parents to submit photographs of their kids taking the drug every day.
On Monday, the municipal education and sports bureau in Lincang apologized on its official website, saying the drug was merely a suggestion that some schools and junior officials decided to enforce. Now that has been clarified, there are some lessons to be learned.
When it comes to medicines and health, caution is advisable. The herb, namely "big pot herb", is popular but has not passed any national test. If a kid falls ill after taking the herb, local officials can be held responsible.
Although it is not clear if the herb they consumed was the same as the one being mandated in Lincang now, over 200 students and two teachers fell ill in June 2005 after a primary school in Kunming, capital of Yunnan, made them take the herb. One student even died.
However, this is no reason to denounce traditional Chinese medicine.
Although the big pot herb is a traditional drug, anyone who prescribes them must rely on patients' requirements. Those forcing students to take the herb are definitely not giving it a good name.
The power some officials and agencies wield, refusing students entry into schools for not consuming the herb, needs to be regulated because it is always ordinary people who end up paying a price.[...]

Trumpster (83 posts) • 0

To put that number into perspective, in the case of Covid-19, these are reported documented cases whereas the statistics for the flu is based on mathematical modeling. My personal hunch is that the actual numbers of infected are vastly greater than those reported given the fact that only those whom are very sick or dead are tested for the virus.

As Covid-19 becomes seasonal, as it is expected to be, a more accurate model can formulated to better determine the seriousness of the disease.

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