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Send electronics back home

Viandoks (2 posts) • 0

Hey guys, I'm having a bit of a problem with sending my stuff back to Europe (France).

I have around 80kg of stuff that I want to send back home but most of it is electronics (synthesizers, speakers, electric guitar, music related goods).

I went to the international post office on Beijing Lu but they told me they do not accept ANY electronics for international shipping.
Any one here have experience with this matter? I know I could use something like DHL or USPS, but DHL asked for 20 thousands kuai... against 1000 with normal post courrier.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

I too went to the post office and basically

the only thing you can send are clothes.

We try sending my mom

some beauty

products and they said 'no can do'. So frustrating.

tigertigerathome (122 posts) • 0

You could try overseas moving companies, like Santa Fe. Although expensive you should be able to class your stuff as personal effects. Using a courier you can get hit for import duty, even on second hand goods.

The other reliable alternative, for the more valuable stuff, is to find an airline with a generous pre-booked excess baggage allowance. If you book your excess baggage in advance, it is much cheaper. As excess baggage, there is no import duty. If you are going to do excess baggage, make sure you buy through tickets (even if you have a transfer it is one booking).

As well as generous excess baggage, get a coat with generous pockets. I once flew with about 7 kg of small heavy items in my pockets.
Then send any clothes by post.

If you are going to ship/courier, it might cost more to ship some stuff than buying new in Europe.

ricsnapricsnap (186 posts) • 0

try j-net.cn
I am not sure whether they can, but they might. It was also a big problem for me a few months ago, and I ended up relying to a friend who brought some stuff on my behalf. But they did give me the impression they could handle electronics. If you do eventually find out that they can, please let us know here and how much it costed.

tigertigerathome (122 posts) • 0

That is useful, thanks. There is a weight limit of 2kg however.

You can take the guitar on the plane with airlines that have special arrangements for musical instruments. As an aside airlines also do this for sports goods, like skis, golf bags, hockey sticks, etc.

Viandoks (2 posts) • 0

Thx for the help guys. In the end I chose to go with excess bagage in the plane, still gonna have to part way with a bunch of stuff but hey... that's life.

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