Kunming Panlong River Cruise Returns

lemon lover (886 posts) • +1

River or any other cruises are not so my thing but I am already happy that it is possible now. The river is cleaner and the water higher. Before the Panlong used to be an open sewer and often not deep enough for any navigation.

GeogramattGeogramatt (194 posts) • 0

Thanks for sharing this.

I'm happy to see this news.
A little surprised, too, since Panlong River never had much water in it when I lived in Kunming.
I always thought that Kunming's Panlong River waterfront was under-utilized. This seems like a good step in the right direction.

The route appears to start at "油管桥" in the north (where the old narrow gauge railroad crosses the river east of 小菜园立交桥 Xiaocaiyuan Flyover). It's southern terminus is at "永平桥" down near the train station.

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