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Western Union

Liumingke1234 (3234 posts) • 0

My mother decided to send $300 to me using Western Union.

I went to the website and saw that the Bank of China can receive or send money in this way.


the branch I went to was the branch near my house in the North of Kunming(北辰区).

Turns out that they had never done this before. At first the teller didn't understand what we(my wife and I)were talking about until we showed her the website that showed that they can do this.

It took her over 2 hours to finally get it together and give me my money. Ha.

Ha. Next the process should be less painful now that we popped her cherry.

HaHa. I took a photo of the form so if there is a next time, I can show the teller.

I think they also do Moneygram but I didn't ask.

Has anybody use this service before?

Vorikx (4 posts) • 0

If you do western union, go to the main Bank of China branch and they'll know what to do. I send money to myself through western union a lot and only takes an hour or so depending on how busy it is

Liumingke1234 (3234 posts) • 0

You are probably right however now that I broke them in, it will be easier next time. As I mention, I live on the last stop of the 61/74/129 line.

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