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Buying a guitar in Kunming

z.sutherland (1 post) • 0


I was wondering if anyone knew of a large guitar shop in Kunming that sells some western brands.

Specifically, I'm interested in purchasing an electric guitar - Fenders.

I would be willing to consider other brands.

But, mostly I'm looking for the largest store with the widest selection.

Thanks in advance!

JanJal (999 posts) • 0

Anyone happen to know if Luosiwan has any outlets for musical instruments (not necessarily western)? I'm guessing though that there isn't much of a bulk market for them - beyond some smaller ethnic instruments.

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • 0

Try 云纺乐器广场 at 环城南路和西昌路的路口. Big music mall with lots of shops. Yunfang yueqi guangchang at the corner of huancheng nanlu and xichang lu.

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