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Birding in Xishuangbanna?

coastalfire (28 posts) • 0

Hi folks, has anyone ever been birding in Xishuangbanna? If so, where do you recommend? I've been trying to look into traveling in Xishuangbanna here and it looks like most of the descriptions are about seeing minority villages and traditions, which are great, but my sister and I are interested in seeing local exotic species of birds, other wildlife, plants, etc. Are there any nature reserves, national parks, or similar places in Xishuangbanna? Recommendations? Thoughts? : )

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • +1

There's the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Gardens. I went there once and was impressed. That was about twelve years ago though. As for stuff in the wild I don't know.


satii (82 posts) • 0

Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden's (XTBG) annual birding festival may have taken place just a few days ago.

Btw, you can buy park entrance tickets online via Qunar (yes, again) for around 70-75rmb. Pricier day packages include various combination of attractions/venues within XTBG that require additional entrance fees.

Also, get a rough idea of xtbg by scrolling down to see wildlife and plant photos shared by numerous Qunar reviewers (highlighted comments and those who've recently visited):


Also, click on "周边" tab to see related nearby parks (tickets also sold on Qunar).

Here is a link to other listings:


There are other parks in the area less man-groomed, though I forget the names. Sina Travel Blog would be the #1 go-to hub for information on such, with embedded, user-generated short vids similar to Douyin/Tiktok. Sina blogs, followed by weibo, are the most popular online travel info destination for Chinese. Tap into that wealth of resources.

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