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Translate webpage solutions

kc430 (56 posts) • 0

I installed a browser translation app on Firefox. It accesses Google which turns out to be a big problem. Here are the steps I am forced to follow.

1. Turn off vee-pee-en to allow Chinese webpage to load (yeah, a lot of sites I read won't load with vee-pee-en engaged)

2. Turn on vee-pee-en to allow (Google-based) translation app to do its thing

Off and on, off and on with the vee-pee-en.

Surely there's a better way? Please share solutions soonest!

I prefer Firefox, Chrome rarely.

tigertiger - moderator (5022 posts) • +3

On my PC I use Google Chrome. Even though you cannot use the search facilities, the browser works fine, I have set it up to automatically translate Webpages. This is very fast, and you get a pop up with the option of showing the original language. I find this very useful for Taobao shopping.

I cannot remember how I set it for language conversion, but there will be lots of info on the web.

herenow (303 posts) • 0

You might be able to use selective tunneling, which accesses Chinese sites directly while tunneling only foreign sites -- check your vipien software's options to see if your service offers this. Depending on your provider, the option may be called something like "site filter" or "smart mode".

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