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Changes to train to Vietnam Border

lemon lover (887 posts) • -2

From 9 to 12 minutes. We are making progress. Keep going.

Be bold go for a whole hour!

And I am not stalking you. I told you; you are like one of these attention seeking little dogs jumping around my legs and I keep tripping over.

Ishmael (462 posts) • +4

Don't know why it might matter, in terms of the non-operating night train, but note that Sept. 2 is Viet Nam's National Day, celebrating the Viet Minh's establishment of the republic on this date in 1945.

Selly (2 posts) • 0

It now looks like all trains are cancelled from 27th Sept onwards, as are the trains to Mengzi.

What the what??

Does anybody know anything about buses?

I've seen a bunch of info about a night bus to Hekou, but the online schedule I can see for KM East station shows the last bus at 14:30.

Does anybody have any bus info? Help a Selly out.

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