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Rise in deportations of foreign teachers

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A friendly notice to all recreational drug-using expats teaching in Kunming.

China is stepping up random inspections of schools in many major cities with enhanced drug testing measures. One being hair testing to detect marijuana use months prior (perhaps up to three months). A step up from blood/urine extractions which detect substance abuse of 10-day window.

Beside drug offenses, the PSB are also looking into misbehavior and cybersecurity offenses of foreign teachers.

Ministry of Education says they aim to promote “patriotism” of "clean... core socialist values”, reflecting a “love for the motherland” where over 400,000 foreign citizens work in the Chinese educational system as of 2017.

Rise in "anti-foreigner sentiment" and ongoing effort to curtail "foreigner influence" in academia may be the real impetus for the heightened crackdown.

Just a short summary from the just published Reuters' article:[...]

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