European football leagues, Chinese web streaming

JanJal (999 posts) • +1

In their program list, PPTV has different entries for the same event in different languages.

For example tomorrow's Manchester United vs Chelsea there are choices of Mandarin, Cantonese, and English as follows:

解说李欣 董路
解说陈文森 粤语
解说:P.Drury M.Holland

You have to choose the right stream from the program list. Not sure if it the stream can be changed from the player window after opened.

Haali (1136 posts) • +1

just bought my Premier League season pass on PPTV thing on my xiaomi box (connected to my TV) and only cost 258rmb. A steal for 380 matches (though of course many are at the same time so can't watch all of them), but even if I only watch one game a week it'll be a bargain.

Prapancha (10 posts) • 0

If your TV is equipped w/ smart camera, don't tune in to announcer Chen Wensen while sporting a yellow hard hat as show of team solidarity.

Too soon?

Well done Haali. After a few games inform us how well EPL live streams on your TV.

Feel free to invite me over for free, daily technical support. I'll bring beer.

Haali (1136 posts) • +2

I can report that the stream quality is pretty good, except for 'ghosting' i.e. when the ball moves very quickly, it becomes slightly transparent, slightly unerving, but otherwise the streams have been smooth on all 5 or 6 games I checked out yesterday. As well as the Premier League which I paid for, I could also access a DFB (German) Cup match and CSL (Chinese Super League) matches, but only with Chinese commentary and almost no stadium sound (why do they do that?).

JanJal (999 posts) • +1

@Prapancha: "Jan, good luck to your Finnish goat. May he continue to prove his 3-year contract worth."

Not a bad start of season - 4 goals in 2 games including hattrick yesterday!

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