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Arabic kids in kunming

Nour Nour (1 post) • +2

Hello dears
I will coming to kunming next month to study in the kunming university i think I will stay in Chenggong Campus for the first year. I have two kids 7 and 5 years old.
I want to know some activities that they can

do in the morning time if i can't apply them in a local public school especially they only speak arabic language, but i need to teach them the Chinese languages because i will stay in china about 4_5 years.

Peter99 (1246 posts) • +6

This info is maybe not fully up to date, anyway, the mosque on Zhengyi Rd (at the intersection to dongfeng square) used to have lot of activities for younger people, and arabic classes. Attached to the mosque was a guesthouse and an arabic school, a Quran school, and visiting scholars stayed there too. I know this as I rented a room monthly in their moslem guesthouse for a while. But I dont have info how it is lately as there, something happened in 2013 in Kunming, among other things so unfortunately I dont know latest info. But you should definitely go and ask there if you have no other place to ask yet.

Ellaxiaobai (4 posts) • 0

Hi, I can teach your children Chinese painting and calligraphy in English and Chinese, and my studio is close to Chenggong universities area, contact me at 15398602815 if you want to know more details:)

hehehe (27 posts) • -1

Holy cow, Peter99, you've been around the alley for a long time now. Cool to see old bones like you still around. :D

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