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Trekking Gear Stores..WeChat gps. Trekking Yunnan

l4dybug (65 posts) • 0


WeiPinHui (Parkson store) is a bargain. Purchased a pair of Columbia OutDry Waterproof Omni-Grip/Techlite footwear for 299, original price 1,299.

herenow (328 posts) • +2

I checked out WeiPinHui as well and they are definitely one of the better clothing options for foreigners in Kunming. The prices are impressively low as napav and l4dybug have said. They carry a variety of Western brands including some that I have not seen elsewhere in Kunming, and they tend to have larger sizes than most stores here.

One limitation is that much of the selection runs towards what might be called fancier clothes that you would expect to find at someplace like a Bloomingdales in the US, and which are not my cup of tea at any price. (In other words, a lot of their clothing is not what you might infer from the fact that they carry Merrell and Columbia footwear.) But there is still enough variety beyond that and overall to make it worth a visit for most.

To elaborate a bit on the locations: The Southwest Plaza/Parkson mall is at the intersection of Renmin Zhong Lu and Qingnian Lu, and the WeiPinhui is up a floor from street level. The other (larger) location is on Dongfeng Xi Lu, in the stretch of storefronts to the west of 五一 Lu.

l4dybug (65 posts) • 0

A new WeiPinHui store is opening tomorrow at the grand opening of Aegean Shopping Mall (爱琴海购物中心公园) on Baiyun Road No. 168.

Same location where Alibaba's Hema Supermarket previously opened in advance.

Today is the last day you can purchase online the 200yuan Aegean shopping voucher for only 92.8yuan on Dianping:


Other avenues of 92.8 for 200yuan pre-purchases were available on Aegean's WeChat official account (not sure if still available). As well as China Merchants Bank app (or 掌上生活 app) for similar 50%-off dining vouchers at Aegean tomorrow.

So for 200rmb kicks at WeiPinHui, you only pay $92.8. Quite the bargain worth checking out if you're a bargain hunter like myself.

l4dybug (65 posts) • +3

Summary of the prices:

The North Face goose down boots are less than 50 rmb (original price 898).

Columbia Titanium hiking boots with Michelin technology soles for less than 270 (original price 1899)

Jack Wolkskin outdoor backpack less than 179. (original price 1199), gloves less than 30 (original price 229), hiking shoes less than 150 (original price 1199).

Merrell Gore-Tex boots for less than 80 (original price 1298).

Toread Outdoor sportswear brand has many items on sale as well.

Other discounted trekking equipment (e.g. trail mats & sleeping bags) photos are uploaded here as proof:


Bottom price tags are further slashed by more than half courtesy of Aegean's grand opening promotions, which are continued today for final day. Be sure to buy the 92.8 for 200cny vouchers on-site (outside behind Starbucks) in the afternoon at 4pm. There will probably be a line so arrive early. Weipinhui is located on the B1 level.

The compounded bargain surpasses most 11/11 online sales I've witnessed in recent years.

DanDare (51 posts) • +1

@ladybug. Thanks for the price info. I think you need a vpn for that images site, and they are pretty much all locked out at the moment. Sadly. Beyond your control I know. We believe you though, no need for photos.

l4dybug (65 posts) • +1

Oh, thanks for heads up. I'm currently using a little known VPN brand to circumvent the GFW.

Correction above. The sale ends tomorrow. So two more days.

satii (76 posts) • 0

For those who missed previous promotion, the 50 for 100 sale resumes on the 18th in two days all thanks to competition. Across the street from Aegean is the grand opening of another department store (called Living Mall?), also offering 50 for 100 shopping/dining vouchers. Aegean is trying to spoil their party.

So good luck finding your super discounted 唯品会 sports and trekking shoes this weekend.

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