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Trekking Gear Stores..WeChat gps. Trekking Yunnan

igallivant (4 posts) • -1

Hi all, I noticed the other camping/hiking gear store queries were several years old.

I live in Chengdu, are there WeChat groups for KMG?

I'm about to trek from Dali north toward Bathang and need a few more key items.

I'm looking for a really good outdoor store that would have boots, water tablets, seatosummit towels, that sort of thing.

And a WeChat group!

We have expat gps in Cdu, but can't locate any here in KMG.

Also, any of you done any trekking for 2-4 weeks and want to advise, I'm listening! Thanks!

tigertiger - moderator (5085 posts) • 0

Ref gear. I now buy most of it online. Even footwear, as most vendors will do exchanges. The problem with the shops is that they were often overpriced and the quality was not good, and often gear was not genuine.

I was organizing a camping trip for a school a few years ago and found everything needed online, including water tablets.

Buying from TMall and flagship stores is pretty safe these days, and probably safer than buying from local stores, sadly.
Decathlon also has a reasonable selection of gear in the larger stores, including boots. I see that there are two branches in Chengdu.

kc430 (67 posts) • +1

Hiking and mountaineering shop in Kunming center city:

Mei Li Outdoor Gear Store (梅里户外用品店)
Qingnian Lu

igallivant (4 posts) • -1

Thanks! Need to buy stuff in town since no time to receive shipments from Taobao, etc.

Will check out mei li thank you KC!

kc430 (67 posts) • +1

I went to the Mei Li outdoor store today, hadn't been there in a while.

It is located a hundred meters south of the intersection of Renmin Lu with Qingnian Lu, on the right (west) side of Qingnian a short distance down an alley.

The sign above the place reads, "Mei Li Outdoor Supplies Shop".

phone 137-0872-6682

Learn Chinese YN (19 posts) • 0

From asking students you should check Decathlon or TaoBao. Taobao has clones of tents, bags etc. which are very high quality at low prices. But of course there is rubbish too

tigertiger - moderator (5085 posts) • +2

I went to Mei Li shop today. It is in the first alley south of the junction mentioned above.

It has a very wide range of stock covering pretty much everything outdoors. They have a lot of international brand gear. Some of it is expensive, but there is topflight stuff, if genuine.

napav (30 posts) • +2

For bargain name brand hiking boots, I would recommend WeiPinHui (唯品会) brick & mortar stores.

They carry Jack Wolfskin, Columbia, Merrell for less than 200yuan. For shoes, you got to try them on in person.

Merrell gore-tex boots (size 43) on sale for just 159. Smart, waterproof low hiking shoes by Columbia around the same price. Original prices are both over 1,000 yuan.

Those not in the know, WeiPinHui is a notable online store for imported name brand clothing, footwear, and bags. All authentic products at much lower prices than outlets, especially items sold in WeiPinHui's new brick & mortar stores.

I recently bought a pair of brand new Nike flyknit running shoes for 239. Original price 999. A goldmine of bargains for sportswear.

Two WeiPinHui stores (pink logo) opened in Kunming not long ago.

One opened two months ago 200 meters past ShunCheng Plaza (in the direction of Walmart) on the left. Just past the old theater. Huge two-story warehouse-like storefront.

Another WeiPinHui opened just yesterday on the first floor of New SouthWest Plaza/Parkson Mall near west entrance.

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