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Worst Job agent

JanJal (1049 posts) • +2

Ok. Next time tell your friends what I wrote above, so they might avoid these problems.

Liumingke1234 (3289 posts) • 0

@Dennis K
You're an asshole! Posters here were trying to genuinely help you and this is the gratitude. You should have started from the start this was for your friend. Asshole!

l4dybug (71 posts) • +3

Thank you JanJal.

As a followup discussion of this topic, for those mistreated or scammed by online or actual business entities in China, you can ask a Chinese speaking friend to dial 12315 to make an official complaint against the company that wronged you.

This is the national consumer protection hotline monitored by The State Administration for Industry and Commerce, as celebrated on March 15 ("315"), aka Global Consumer Rights Day.

In light of shaohei anti-corruption commitments, these matters are taken more seriously than previous years.

JanJal (1049 posts) • 0

I just think that laying out the real deal helps more than suggestion to avoid someone named Bradley.

And I think Liumingke1234 is joking here.

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