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Worst Job agent

Dennis K. (16 posts) • 0

If you want to have a good English teaching job in Kunming please avoid agent named Bradley, he's not paying to his teachers for months, not answering phone calls and messages, if you don't want to stress about your money please try to avoid this man. And if you had the same problem with him please reply below.

Liumingke1234 (3288 posts) • -3
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I agree. It must be jobs like modeling, performance,etc. All need visas so it must be illegal if no visa is provided. I would think the 'agent' would know this. Who are you going to go to to get justice when the 'job' is illegal?

Dennis K. (16 posts) • 0

They do provide working visas for their teachers, theres plenty of these agents here on the jobs list, how would you contact any kindergarten in kunming if they dont speak any english?

JanJal (1048 posts) • -1

In typical case you (or in most cases the school) would pay to the agent for the matchmaking service, but that's it - a single payment preceeding your employment.

I don't know what kind of subsequent payments you are expecting from the agent. Maybe that is something you can clarify.

If you have employment contract with the school, then the school will be paying the salary to you.

If you expect some payments from the agent too, then you are in effect holding two employments with visa only for one. One with the school and one with the agent.

Foreigners coming to work in China should have a well defined employer, and already your statement "I think its called Rainbow education" suggests that maybe you don't have.

This is not something one would "think", it would be specified in your work contract.

Dennis K. (16 posts) • -4
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bla bla bla bla thank you mr smart guy.
i dont work for them, just trying to help my friends out, thats it.

Just want to tell people whos looking for jobs to avoid this person.

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