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Ielts / toefl testing centers available in kunming

TN.IN.KUNMING (13 posts) • +1

Is there any testing centers available in kunming ? I want to pass an ielts/toefl test but i dont want to travel a long distance

Liumingke1234 (3244 posts) • 0

The best thing to do is ask those training centers that teach Ilets/toefl. They should know and be up to date on that kind of information.

TN.IN.KUNMING (13 posts) • 0

I am actually not in china right now i will go over there by the end of august to study bachelor in yunnan university. I was going to pass the test here in my country but i dont have enough time :/ because the first date for the test is 10 and i receive my result 13 days after and i'am planning to come in the middle of august to china

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