Kunming vs. Athens

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maybe we is wishing misfortune coz you is a horrid human who is still interactive wiv us

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Good laughs from this thread. :)

Bali recently got a boost from a book and then movie made, eat, pray love, and became popular with american middle aged women desperately looking for meaning of life there. Made it even more superficial. Ubud, that is supposed to be ”artist area”, is something like a....i dont know how to describe it, like a disneyland. Indonesia full of great places, no need to wade to far away corners there. But Bali, no way.

Reminds of Chiang Mai: the feeling of unreality knocks u out.

Maybe ur stuff.

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John Lindh learned the language, the holy scripts, and was adopted in a far away corner in a way only one in a million can do. I read his story, of final days, when he was cornered in a cave with the taleban, and usa military pouring in some white phosphorus there and throwing in grenade after grenade. What a story, what a guy. Wanted to send him a letter of fascination, but it would have been too risky, wouldve end up having computer full of bugs like ishmael. Anyway not bcs anti american, or pro taleban, its just one western guy with such a story in a modern world. Theres a song for him: John Walkers blues, ”sometimes a man got to fight for what he believes”. (Bruno Manser in Borneo is similar story. But not many out there in modern times. Wim Hof maybe to some degree.)

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Yeah, you reject and hate western culture and idealize foreign cultures and fantasize about being adopted by a foreign culture in a remote place where there are no expats. What you need is psychological help.

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You cut it when I was editing the text. Here it is, the quote of Wim Hof: ”its about becoming superior to what we have learned”.

So many places still without disneylands, unreality and bitching expats - not an illusion. Were free to choose. You go for the crap, your choice. Like I said, well deserved. :)

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Yeah, gotta avoid bitching expats at all costs! Much rather hang out with those taliban aholes! And Disneyland is for pussies. I wanna get cornered in a cave.

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Try Pattaya. Closer than Bali. No need to make effort in getting laid either.

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I don’t need your advice about where to relocate. Go seek help.

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(I just put the point there so it stays).

Thats about it I guess. No proof reading needed. Good luck.

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