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Cars not passing "emissions"

jj123 (79 posts) • 0

My understanding is that the Gov has banned certain tier/type cars in certain cities, i.e. BJ (I think cars made before 2013).

Does anyone know any specifics regarding this for KM and what will be restricted in the near future?
My understanding for KM is Tier 1/gasoline and Tier 3/Diesel is the current restriction.

jj123 (79 posts) • 0

Wife and Chinese Friend.
Some cities have a future restriction coming and it's documented.

We just can't find anything for KM coming up, and if one is purchasing a used vehicle it's an important factor in determining how old a vehicle should be.

One interesting note we just discovered is that the
排放标准 rating is not set in stone, as if that doesn't add to the confusion. Supposedly the amount of miles can alter the "title" I discovered looking online for cars, but perhaps this is a mistake....dunno.

LiquidLab (2 posts) • 0

Euro III emissions standard and below is banned in Beijing.

Not related to production year.
Kunming has banned some very old cars, (more than 20 years), and its very difficult to transfer older cars to other people.

They can change the policy at any time, so if your considering a car with Euro III standard or lower, it could become illegal and you will be unable to sell it.

Euro IV and above should be good for a while,

they have stated they want to ban petrol engines by 2035.

jj123 (79 posts) • 0

Exactly my concerns.

It does seem to be connected to production years from what we have read, but not in every case...also depends on how the car passes the inspection test from what we have gathered so far.

Almost every car/van/truck I've looked at seems to follow the Tier/Euro system so far, i.e. any car from 2010 and older are Tier 3, which if it's Diesel should not be able to pass inspection.

ALthough we have found that if the car can pass inspection the Tier changes somehow...
Confused on how all that works.

But Diesel is already at Tier 3, so perhaps a IV will not last long.

Tier V is supposed to last the next 10 years and on, according to what we read.

Just trying to be safe and smart about all this.

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