Musician advice needed for street performance

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Hey there, I am going to start street singing+guitar performances and want to buy some equipment.

This will be my first time getting this stuff so I'd like your suggestions on which amp (portable, battery powered) and microphone combo should I get (shouldn't be too expensive just yet).

The thing is I don't really know what this stuff is called in Chinese and how to find it online. If you know a shop or guy I could visit, that works too.

Thanks in advance.

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • +2

Good luck street performing in civilised Kunming. Let us know how you get on

tigertiger - moderator (5061 posts) • +3

You can start street performing without any amplification. That way you can experience what it will be like, without laying out more money first, and you won't need a van or car for moving gear. While you are doing this you can see, and hear, what other street performers are using.
There are many street performers on Haigeng Daba every evening and it has become part of 'the scene' there. It is away from traffic/traffic noise and although many of the street performers use amps, they are not needed.
If you don't know Haigeng Daba, it is a promenade next to the lake, that is about 2 km long. People go there in the evenings to walk and relax. To find it, follow Hongta Xi Lu westward until you hit the lake. Or take Dianchi Lu south until and then turn west on Yinghai Lu and go to the end. There are several buses to Haigeng Daba from town.

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