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Relocating from China and child vaccination?

BlueBird (44 posts) • 0

So we have decided with my wife that is time to move out from China and start our life in Central Europe. However, since our children have started to take the

vaccines here, and there are some more to follow in the next several months, we would like to take the vaccines and have the used in EU of course considering Exp. date and etc. Has anyone had a similar experience or perhaps an advice on the situation? Thanks!

john-doe1983 (64 posts) • 0

First you should check what vaccinations are needed in the country you are going to move to. Some countries have different requirements to the types of vaccines that you will need to have done before entering. Other than that what ever vaccinations you have left here you can just arrange with your new doctor to get the rest when it is time in the new country. Your child should have a vaccination booklet, have it translated to which ever language is needed, and contact the hospital to find out which vaccines are left to have, take this information with you to your new country. It should not be hard.

michael2015 (644 posts) • 0

If you're suggesting buying the vaccines here (less expensive) and taking them with you - some if not all may need to be refrigerated.

Secondly and most importantly - most physicians will decline using vaccines of unknown origins with unreadable (chinese language) labels.

We actually collided with this form of hospital process confusions several years ago - our maternity physician directed us to go to a specific vaccine bank to self-purchase baby vaccines - saying the hospital vaccine bank was low and there might be delays - so like good little troopers - we went off to the vaccine bank as directed.

When we presented the vaccines to the maternity nurses station - they refused - saying they don't take non-hospital purchased vaccines...

BlueBird (44 posts) • 0

It really gave me a different point of view on my situation your comments here,thank you so much. At first, i was thinking would be better to take it with me as my children have started vaccination with Chinese Vaccines but now i learn that it can be differently as well, once again thank you so much!

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