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Carrefour Giving Up On China

l4dybug (65 posts) • +2

For those who wish to witness the grand opening of 'smart retail' Hema supermarket by Alibaba. The first flagship store opens in Kunming tomorrow at Aegean Shopping Mall. Intersection of Baiyun Road and Bailong Road.

If I'm not mistaken, it's near your vicinity JanJal. Go check it out to see produce flying over your head on conveyor belts or critique how much plastic packaging they're using!

JanJal (934 posts) • 0

Are you sure about the location?

Aegean mall is near Dianchi on Guangfu Road, close to KIA I recall, which is nowhere near either Baiyun Road nor Bailong Road.

Or are there more than one of those malls now?

l4dybug (65 posts) • +2

Yep, it's a new one:

There's actually two shopping centers across from each another under construction. Potential Line 5 metro station beneath in the works.

I was recently eating hotpot nearby. Aegean's grand opening is supposedly in 2-3 months, but a different section where Hema Supermarket situates is opening earlier... tomorrow.

herenow (290 posts) • +1

Shopping malls have been sorely lacking in Kunming. Glad to see some plucky upstart real estate developers finally pioneer this exciting retail format here.

dolphin (513 posts) • +3

Yeah, how much does your life have to suck to go to a grand opening of a supermarket?

dolphin (513 posts) • -1

I don't know anything about you ... and your life probably sucks a lot less than mine, your fetish for supermarket grand openings notwithstanding ;)

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