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Bike registered - Selling second hand

JanJal (947 posts) • -1

In China the approach is probably to enforce licensing and insurances, and use digital monitoring to identify and catch violators afterwards.

herenow (298 posts) • +1

JanJal, I agree with you on the nature of the Chinese approach -- my issue is with its results at present.

@JanJal wrote: "I'm not sure if a traffic cop speeding after traffic violators..."

In addition to the deterrent effect I mentioned above, there's generally not much need for cops to speed when making a traffic stop. To state the obvious: once drivers understand that pulling over upon hearing a siren gets them a ticket and a fine, whereas fleeing makes them a criminal, it becomes a no-brainer to pull over.

JanJal (947 posts) • -1

If there is not much traffic, you are right, but this is China.

In case of speeding across intersection on red light, the guy doing it will probably have caught with the rest of the scooters by the time cop gets to it.

Then there is siren, and nobody in that crowd of scooters will know who it is for (except perhaps that one violator).

"Best" case scenario is that they all start to try pulling over in limited space, and that won't be pretty.

Likely scenario is that at least some will (for whatever reason) ignore the siren, and not do that, and hit the others trying to find space to pull over. Some will no doubt take pulling over seriously enough to pull over to pedestrian lane, because there will not be space to go anywhere else.

And often there are cars around too. Will they know the siren is for scooters and not them?

I can imagine quite a chaos because of one scooter.

herenow (298 posts) • +1

@JanJal wrote "I can imagine quite a chaos because of one scooter."

What you describe seems like a rare worst-case scenario. Scooters regularly navigate all sorts of unexpected sudden hazards -- the idea that they can't manage to simply pull over to the side of the road doesn't hold water.

Sure, there might be a learning curve if China implemented more traffic stops. But once some drivers start going to prison for failing to pull over, word would get around and behavior would change fast. All the more so if state media pushes the message.

JanJal (947 posts) • -1

It'll be just so much simpler, safer and cheaper to rely on cameras, and send automated text/wechat messages to the bad drivers about fine and upcoming reduction in their social score.

I'm not saying that this is the best solution, just my assumption of how the Chinese authorities think and which way I expect them to go.

They are trying to reduce fast and powerful scooters from roads, and putting more police there on such would be counterproductive.

On that note, I'll also repeat my earlier statement in another thread, that while cars (especially buses, taxis and other professional drivers) now generally stop and let pedestrians pass, one professional(?) group that I most often observe NOT doing this, is the police.

Dazzer (2798 posts) • 0

i thought i would bump this as someone is selling a 2nd hand big ebike in classifieds. it might save some wasted time for some people

DanTheMan (594 posts) • +1

Bump. Any reviews of ebikes on the market that meet new restrictions? Are they hopelessly underpowered, or just capped at 20kph? Do they have enough umph to carry two adults? Can they be souped up or have a rom update after purchase that will lift the speed restriction? Just curious if anybody has any firsthand experience with this.

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