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Hijacking the forums

Peter99 (1246 posts) • 0

Because accused as islam hater here, 'racist', 'transphobe' and 'nazi' too.

Maybe u freaks should get some perspective for your narrow mindness. Maybe its you who have fascist tendencies. You guys dont seem to like Israel either. Maybe the fascist threat is from the left, ever thought about that, 'socialist'. Maybe its name is 'progressive socialism' now, u guys seem to like red, black and white too. Like your fake news cnn does.

cloudtrapezer (748 posts) • -1

Peter you tick all the boxes, you have a full house, a royal flush of resentments and animosities but you want to convince us you're human. Rather touching really.

herenow (298 posts) • 0

Peter, I would invite you to check out Current Affairs (www.currentaffairs.org/ ) if you haven't already. Over time, you may find that reading it moderates some of your views.

Among other things, they offer some of the more intellectually honest critiques out there of conservatism and populism from the left. I mean this in relative terms: they do occasionally succumb to bad habits of the modern left such as spurious charges of racism, but they will also often concede a point when warranted.

You can try this as a starter -- a critique of identity politics from the left: www.currentaffairs.org/[...]

michael2015 (639 posts) • 0

Peter - you were baited.

As for Gokm TOS - since this thread is about hijacking....

• You must be at least one year old to use GoKunming.

Did ANYONE actually read the Gokm TOS (terms of service)?

Peter99 (1246 posts) • 0

Yea, but the author of the thread agreed it could be the off topic thread,. Thats why i poured in some more gasoline here.

Anyway i will accept the outcome, i have respect for the policy here. And I know im crossing lines, but hard to hold it.

Ishmael (462 posts) • -2

Peter, seriously: why do you bother? I'd honestly like to know - do you know? What do you think?

Peter99 (1246 posts) • 0

Well, what i wrote has been deleted. Its ok. I let it be for now

You managed to put three question marks in that short message Alien, what do u think may be the reason?

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