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Yea, dolphin, that word 'progressive authoritanism' also catched the eye. It is well put.

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That was me, not Dazzer.

To "read a newspaper": A common figure of speech used as shorthand for keeping up on the news, originating from an archaic paper-based information technology.

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> but during that time of "going off the rails", it sustainably eliminated poverty for over 800 million citizens

not sure china can take all the credit for that. as far as i can gather, the master plan by the western controllers to move manufacturing to china is the main reason for china's growth. correct me if i'm wrong. but who decided to move the manufacturing to china? and what if the manufacturing had moved to africa instead?

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Peter, if you're truly in Greece, send us some feta cheese and kalamata olives.

There are many arguments to be made for not reading the news, apart from half of it is fake. Even The Guardian is telling you to stop reading the news. How bad is that?

News is bad for you – and giving up reading it will make you happier

Five Things You Notice When You Quit the News

Why Avoiding The News Makes You Smarter

Why You Should Stop Paying Attention to the News

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Thread is not toxic. Trying to teach people to extricate themselves from daily news as a mental health benefit.

But people have serious problems. Want to control the conversations, narrow-minded (want to talk about VPNs incessantly), bigotry, fixed in their ways ...

Good news: I will not stick around where I am hated so much.

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I get well along with moslems, bcs I like their conservative and faith based approach on life, while Im still being libertarian-conservative. Aceh is one of my favorite places even - not to mention whole Indonesia. John Walker Lindh is a legend in my book, due to his interesting life and ability to adopt to Afghanistan.

In Athens I live in Kato Patisia, which pretty much only have moslems, and I only eat their great food. My six floor house only have moslems, smells of curry and perfume in whole block, next road south is gypsies. They know me already, and im ok theyre in the neighborhood as they, and the fathful moslmes, keep the drug gangs/users in other areas, like Victoria.

I find it hard to believe a leftist would get better along with Islam than me - althoigh im aginst the open border policies - while they being the progressive total freaks they nowadays are. Nah, they are just using them for their jungian shadow projecting of their own 'evil' on others, same as they use the holocaust as a dirty political tool.

Maybe actually rther have islam rule around than the progressive loony left. At some points u two are going to crash, its a miracle it didnt happen already. How many imams do u guys spot in your parades? Dorks.

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