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Workout Supplements!?

john-doe1983 (64 posts) • 0

taobao has a lot of stores selling this kind of stuff, or if you go in to a gym they normally sell this stuff too behind the reception desk.

hongxiongmao (38 posts) • 0

As someone else mentioned you can find these brands on Taobao, but if you want something to pick up right away, Decathlon on Guang Fu lu carries their own line of supplements, I'm not sure how complete of a line, but with a glance I noticed they have whey protein and protein bars at the very least.

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • +1

Lemon lover said all that needs to be said on this

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • +1

In case you hadn't noticed, recently people have been creating accounts and then spamming the site with phony requests along the lines of where can I find such and such a product. Apparently it helps with advertising. For example the account Kunmingliving2019 only has one post - the one that started this thread. I was just agreeing with Lemon who pointed this out earlier.

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