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Sources of places of interest info

tigertiger - moderator (5017 posts) • -1

I am looking for resources for trip planning. Google Earth used to be good for places of interest, using the Panoramia photo database, but Panoramia is no longer supported, and all of the images have gone; waiting to be replaced by new pics.
Some online tourist sites are worse than useless, as you get directed there from a search, but all the site has is hotels, that may actually be 10 km away.

Lonely planet is out of date and, in the digital age, does not seem to be relevant.

Does anyone know of any good sources for identifying places to visit in China.

tigertiger - moderator (5017 posts) • 0

I am looking around those, but Google Trips seems to be competition for tripadvisor, which is not really what I need.

The beauty of the old Panoramia, is that you could look on Google Earth at an area you will be travelling though, then select the picture icons to see what is in that area.

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