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How to bring my pet dog to kunming

Jasmine JJ (10 posts) • 0

Dear all, we are considering on moving to kunming with our pet dog. Wondering if anyone has experience importing their furkids over and how much does it cost? Does kunming have a quarantine at home policy? We are figuring this out and so far hasnt gotten very far so any suggestions would be welcomed. She is 2yrs old and we are travelling from Singapore.

goldie122 (645 posts) • +1

It is confusing when bringing a pet into China... needing certain shots within a certain time of arrival... health certificate within a certain time of arrival and stamped by the government of where you are now.
This site has some good information...

What kind of dog is it?

Best is to go with one of those companies that will literally take your dog from your home and take care of EVERYTHING needed to get them to China.

That is a bit expensive though but saves a lot of time and trouble.

tigertiger (5000 posts) • +1

It is also worth trying to find out what are the 30 banned breeds in Kunming. These are usually larger breeds, but I saw a poster in Kunming that did include Afghan hounds.

These rules are not strictly enforced when you are here, but coming through customs and quarantine, the rules may be.

Jasmine JJ (10 posts) • 0

Thank you kind friends. She's a toy poodle, will do more research on how she will take the flight and health/costs involved. Much appreciated for the leads!

AlPage48 (1117 posts) • 0

If all the health work is in order the other thing to consider is point of entry since there could be quarantine.

Back in 2010 we came from Canada with 2 cats.

The travel agent recommended Korean Airlines since the fur babies were checked right through to Kunming even though we had a layover in Seoul.

At that time Kunming did not quarantine them, but with the new airport and facilities they may.

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