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Chinese driver's license

cerf-volant (5 posts) • 0

Thanks to all. Good to learn that one does not need to turn in one's national driving licence anymore. French driving licence do not expire so, to get a new one, one needs to declare having lost it and it requires lots of paper work. In Chengdu it is not required either to turn in ones national driving licence. But in chengdu a 90 days visa is required, so I would rather go to Kunming if I could pass it with only a 60 day visa. This was the reason of my first question in this forum

HappyM (1 post) • 0

I heard a notarized translation of the driver license is required, anyone got an idea about this?

And cerf-volant, I read the comments above and thought you might have one important information.
Would you please kindly tell me if you had any luck getting a Chinese Driver License in the end? And if yes, did you get it in Chengdu, as you mentioned that Chengdu require a 90 days visa (I assume it's a 90 days stay not validation)?

debaser (635 posts) • 0

hi, does anyone have a current phone number or address for the translation place or the test/licence office? thanks in advance.

Silvio DaVinci (282 posts) • 0

Test office address is in this forum. They usually don't pick up the phone. Yes you need a notarized translation of your foreign driving license. There is an official translation office a few blocks west of the entry-exit administration bureau - downtown, (same street). Just walk in during office hours. They can do next day translations if needed. Don't know if you can get a driving license with just a tourist visa. The test office needs several things (see this forum for a checklist). The test office is located about 2km directly east of Century city. For the address, see this forum.

AlPage48 (1207 posts) • 0

My wife got a license with just a tourist visa. That was 5 years ago so rules may have changed.

Kernalpanx (74 posts) • 0

In 94 I brought my international drivers and motorcycle license and they just swapped them. That was also in beijing.

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