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Chinese driver's license

sikkilson (5 posts) • 0

I'm looking forward to study the materials i've just downloaded and then do the license test as soon as possible...Is there anybody who wants to study together with me?

subforum (4 posts) • 0

Hi @all,

Anyone can share the textbook once again ?
I have to take the exam in one month, it could help :).

One rumor says that it is always the same 100 questions in english, doesn't it ?

DaMiao (66 posts) • 0

Any chance that anybody who was able to download the textbook would like to share?
Thank you in advance.

onlyone (156 posts) • 0


I have not reached any of the two liks .would any one upload it again but please do not choose the option to be delteted after few time downloads .It could stay on Rapidshare for free for long time

DaMiao (66 posts) • 0

Hi sikkilson.
Thank you very much for the offer. Please try and send it to [email protected] I'm not sure if Yahoo will support a 25 mb file or not, but I appreciate the effort.

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