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research in China

JanJal (934 posts) • +1

Given your subject of study, it might give extra dimension to the scientific side of it, if you were to study a school in both Yunnan and a coastal first tier city.

You could pursue the entry through Beijing or Shanghai, get some local education people interested, and then use that as a gateway for fieldtrip to Yunnan.

In best scenario they may even pay it in name of poverty reduction or education improvements in rural part of China.

kaddibuddy (43 posts) • +3

Yes, i contacted the person in Shanghai and will have a look if she is able to help me and in what way.

Dazzer (2800 posts) • -3
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so ya told the person in shanghai you would really be somewhere else. well i guess you blowed that one then.

kaddibuddy (43 posts) • +4

People shouldn´t be that judgy when they don´t have a clue what the content of the mail I sent to the person in Shanghai is.

kaddibuddy (43 posts) • +5

I´m just shocked that people who don´t know what I wrote say "i guess you blowed that one then". Because I never said that I will told the shanghai person "I really want to be somewhere else". but YES, I told the person that I planned to go to Pu'er doing fieldwork there, guess why? Exactly, my supervisor told me to attach my actual proposal. and guess what? I wrote about Pu'er. So I can´t say "my plan is to go to shanghai, because from the first minute I starte my PhD I wanted to go to Shanghai".
So I would be very thankful, if the people here wouldn´t be that judgy and unfriendly, because I really try to be friendly though. I am just a german girl who wanted to have advices what else I could do.

And this isn´t against all the nice people here who answered and gave me helpful hints!

JanJal (934 posts) • -7
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This is going to sound bad, but anyway...

I'm pretty sure that I wasn't the only one with a mental image of a foreign boy wanting to get back to his Chinese girl in Puer.

Such presumption creating suspicion of your real motives may have prompted unfriendlines in some posters - among other things of course.

Not that something like that couldn't be case still, but statistics speak otherwise.

kaddibuddy (43 posts) • +3

So we can just stop discussing. I don´t have a german boyfriend, I don´t have a chinese boyfriend. I just wanted to ask for some advices how I could manage going to pu'er for my fieldwork. Not more.

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