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kaddibuddy (43 posts) • 0

I wish it would be that "easy". I am really worried because of the visa. If this wouldn´t be such a huge problem, I would just go there. I would book a flight and just go there and ask the schools by myself and if I need to go to an office, I would just go there. The chance would be bigger that they allow me doing research than just sending emails. But even if my friend invites me, I can stay 90 days, but what happens after 90 days? I would like to have more time, to be more integrated, to get more informations and to maybe restructure my sample.

I don´t know, I am still super frustrated, because I right now I still don´t know how to handle it (more than 50 emails by now...)

Peter99 (1246 posts) • 0

Yea. That moral education is a good subject too. It would be an interesting research, so wish you best luck. Wonder if anyone has even done it. There is a political and, how to say, nationalist underlining, but it shouldnt be an obstacle, just making the topic more interesting.

After 90 days you can make a Hong Kong excursion, and add up more days. I dont know the current situation on visas, but you shouldnt need to worry too much about the 90 days, you should be able to add. Chinese embassy in Germany may give 6 months visas (2x90days) its easy to get in many european countries if you show flight tickets. From Puer you can make a Laos visa run in a matter of hours.

kaddibuddy (43 posts) • 0

this would be probably my last option, because going to hong kong also needs a lot of money. I need to plan it, but as I also have to live anywhere and pay for my daily life, I don´t know if I have the money for extra flights (I also want to go to a lot of places in Yunnan if I have the time - combining research with life).

So right now I have to wait for my professors answer, my friends answer if there are language schools in pu'er (couldn´t find a single one online, maybe not the best sign). And if there is really no other option - I need to consider the 90 days visa

Peter99 (1246 posts) • 0

Make some money it saves the headache. Work and save like the brazilians in London, and headache solved. You want to travel in Yunnan too, so arriving on low budget and looking cheap solutions even in Hong Kong etc. will just be a nuisance.

And you probably need to invite some fancy dinners in China. Be careful if included KTV, it might end up expensive (if topless waiters bring a few thousands in pocket.)

Ok, bye.

kaddibuddy (43 posts) • 0

Yes I know, I already saved a lot of money and I make money. But I can´t spend all the money I have on it, so of course I need to figure out how to handle it. :)

Ishmael (463 posts) • -2

I understand something about sociology and your project makes sense to me. But I doubt if your posting here is going to lead anywhere. I still suggest you just arrive and go from there, at ground level - less talk, more action.

kaddibuddy (43 posts) • 0

less talk, more action - I plan to start my fieldwork in october. So yes, right now it´s more talking than action. This project means a lot to me, so sorry if we don´t have the same opionion, but I prefer more talking to figure out any option I have and this, of course, needs talking to other. :)

JanJal (934 posts) • 0

By the way, in earlier post you wrote that your local supervisor in Germany is not helpful - are they paying any of this, or is it all out of your own pockets? Flights, accomodation etc?

kaddibuddy (43 posts) • 0

They are not paying for this, I have to pay for everything. That is, why I would wish I could do it with the help of a chinese university, because then I could apply for a german scholarship. But for this I need a supporting institution in germany as well as an in China, so that it is official.

kaddibuddy (43 posts) • 0

So today I finally got an answer from my german supervisor ... and I am really disappointed. I told him everything I tried and that I really could need some help (mostly I said I don´t know how to handle the visa and told him that it is easier to talk to official offices and schools face to face, but that I already contacted my friends and they contacted the schools and so on). So what to say, I had the hope that he will offer me some help. But he only wrote that I have do find a different way, because I can´t find the contact to the schools and local offices (that isn´t even the biggest problem). He sent me his shanghai university contact and now wants me to go to shanghai. Like this is a huge difference, pu'er as a "small" city and then shanghai .. Most people would say this is also great, great opportunities and so on. But I am disappointed, I am not that interested in Shanghai.

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