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EastHastings (2 posts) • 0

I've received an offer for a position in Baoshan, but apart from the few tourist attractions nearby, there is little information about the city/area online.

Does anyone have any information about the place - standard of living, nightlife, recreation, English speakers in the area etc.?

It isn't my first choice, but its proximity to neighboring countries is tempting.

Thanks in advance :)

Peter99 (1238 posts) • +1

Go for it. Just break out of the english teacher trail, thats an ideal option. Make friends with locals, learn chinese, hike the mountains, study the plants there, go birdwatching, and do anything to not end up like those ’liberal’ palefaces in Sals, sitting their asses soar

Peter99 (1238 posts) • +2

And btw. Its proximity to Burma/Myanmar has no significance, as u cant cross that border. But u can go down to Ruili (border town) and try some burmese food etc. the location is good as its quite near both Dali and Tengchong. But u will not find english community in Baoshan. You strenght will be that there are so few foreigners around it could even be your lucky bet. If lucky.

Ishmael (420 posts) • 0

There are quite a few English-speaking Burmese in Ruili, as well as at least one Englishman, whose local Chinese wife also speaks English.

Peter99 (1238 posts) • +2

Im trying to stay inside topic, just one foot outside it.

How is Ruili now, after the boom in golden triangle? Has anyone stayed overnight there lately?

That place was like straight from a tarantino gangster movie many years ago. When sun went down, red lights went on, and the cikadas singing among the smell of opiates in the air. They even sold pink cough medicine there in bars, ppl drank that stuff in shots along streets. And brothels everywhere.

Then there was a massive cleanup. The city became “good” again. But now?

I got many stories from there, and also witnessed stuff straight from a tarantino movie, but that cant be written here. Crazy place it used to be, maybe it has become badlands again. (Judging by the big focus on cracking down on crime in Yunnan. Lot of that stuff sounds like Ruili to me.)

Ishmael (420 posts) • 0

'Things' surely go on from across the border in Ruili, but it's not the howling badlands it once was. I

spent 3 days there 6 months ago with a bunch of others I knew, nothing weird happened and we saw nothing weird, although we all drank a good bit. I really liked the place and hope to go back.

cloudtrapezer (696 posts) • 0

Peter last time I was in Ruili it was a very peaceful town devoted, as far as I could see, to exchanging Chinese fridges and TVs for Burmese jade. Having heard all the stories I was very disappointed. And the crackdown on dark forces is not specific to Yunnan. It's a nationwide campaign. I suspect the main target is corrupt officials

cloudtrapezer (696 posts) • 0

East it's pretty clear that Baoshan will be nothing like Kunming or Dali so if you want that sort of scene then it's maybe not for you. But if you are looking for adventure take the job. I'd take it myself. It's only a year after all. I should say I've only been to Baoshan once ten years ago.

Haali (1122 posts) • 0

Depends. If it's your first time in China and/or you don't speak any Chinese, a small city like BaoShan could be a lonely experience. If you've already tried a bigger city and can cope with almost no foreign style comforts for many months at a time, you might enjoy it. I haven't been to BaoShan, but small/medium sized cities in China tend to be quite ugly, dirty, boring places, and feel more cut off from the rest of the world than large cities.

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